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I loved this experience. It was pure joy.


The idea was to build a small imaginary city with objects around me. My camera was focussed over the objects and the city I was building so that we could both share what I was building.

I was gently guided through as the city planner asked asked 'what is this building?' and I used things in the room to manifest them. 


It made me feel less isolated and it was a tiny bit of play during lockdown and I loved how I was using my imagination to create something.


At the end, the performer revealed themselves, and it was almost as if we zoomed into one of the shops I had created, 

by Kathleen Akerley & Emily Whitworth

The Other City

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Snap Crackle Prop

by Philip Kenner and Matt Meyers
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A Love Story:

A meal in 5 Courses

by Rachel Hynes & Anastasia Wilson

This was an interactive piece where we provided the SFX for a cereal commercial.. 


It felt very 'snacky' - it was light and and silly and joyful for a short amount of time. There was a reasonably well-written story which some had excellent voice acting.


I knew it was live because of the performers responses to me (they loved my chimes) and because they addressed me by name. However, I think it was a bit alienating that I couldn't see their face - I'd prefer video so I knew I was interacting with a person.


There was a delay because the link wasn't sent through - and I couldn't get in contact to tell them - though I used my research to find them eventually and start the piece.

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Before this I was asked to gather ingredients together for

the experience. Various things, sugary, sour, spicy...


The two chefs appeared on the video call and asked me about my experiences of love.


However, I felt really distanced - I don't know it was the subject matter which doesn't appear to translate online, or if it was because it felt too scripted - or because I felt like it could have so much more depth - but it didn't - it skimmed over the 'witchy' elements.


I like that it involved the senses, taste and smell, and that we could see each other, but I still felt distanced somehow.

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by Kathleen Akerley & Emily Whitworth

The Other City


Love Letters Straight

From your Heart

by Kathleen Akerley & Emily Whitworth

The Loveliness Principle

The Other City

Care in the Kitchen

by Kathleen Akerley & Emily Whitworth
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other city.jpg
by Kathleen Akerley & Emily Whitworth

The Stove